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Right or Wrong?
posted 1/15/2008 8:02:35 PM

1 of my best friends has just got sentected to 10 years in prison for being claimed a felon with a gun, and gun trafficing. The thing is, 20 years ago, he and 2 other friends broke into a building and stole $135. The jury gave him 1 year in prison as a felon, but the judge decided to lower it to 10 monthes in jail, so it would be a mistermeaner. Now, 20 years later, the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms) broke into his house and took more than 3/4 of his guns. 2 monthes later they came back and charged him with being a felon with a gun, and gun trafficing. The judge was completely against him. The judge let here-say in, didn't look at any of the evidence, and had him drugged up (and almost died from it) on the day when he was gonna plead not-guilty or guilty. He was so messed up he pleaded guilty when HE WASN'T. Later when he wanted to change his plead, the judge was unfair again. He let a known liar and crook speak and use here-say to hurt him. My friend brought in his docter, 1 of his friends, and his daughter to help convince the judge to let him change his pleade. The judge just ignored the people for him and wouldn't let him change his verdict.

On his sentencing day, the judge sentenced him 10 years in jail, following 2 years of probation. He also had all of his gun's eitehr sold or destroyed. My friends family only would get 1/10 of the money they sold the guns for. These guns were from Desert Eagles to AR-15. The total amount these gun's were worth together was over $60,000. So his family would only get $10,000 if the government sold it at the right price. His family didn't get any money at all from it.

I don't believe they sold them, I think they let themselves divide the guns among their-selves. These were very nice guns to, several with a price-tag over $5,000.

This is what I don't understand: he had proof that he wasn't a felon, the judge and his mom had signed a statement saying that he wasn't. He was a gunsmith. He had all of the legal requirments to work on and sell guns. Also, he worked on police and federal weapons. He has also passed an FBI background check. You can't pass those if your a felon.

Now he is in a different state than his family, his family is barely making enough money to pay bills, and has been threatened to not talk about what happened.

Does anyone here agree with me that this was unfair and cruel?


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