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Rage what for 18 gb ??
posted 10/9/2011 5:18:01 AM

Well after 3 days from which on the 1st day i nearly couldnt play longer then 5 mins, i finished rage yesterday. So whats the hype for ?? First of all all the technical problems and crashes and graphic errors on and on ... thanx to some skilled people founded in several i repeat SEVERAL message boards over google search...yes you had to do that to see how many ppl with a similar computer config had the same problems as you... i was finaly able to play longer then only 5 minutes before crashing back to desktop. Then the story. It started good making you wonder what comes next but the hyped graphics where to similar to fall out style everytime you got the feeling seeing it before. After a while playing all the sidequests and minigames that also got boring and you stayed with the main story line which evolved slowly but everytime keeping you continuing until the last chapter and then ok thats it you solved it knowing that such an unsolving end is only made for DLC content. The bad guy only mentioned never seen the final city just a joke and an instant to walk through the resistants hopefull move only an ending video clip and therefor 18 gigabyte on 3 dvd s ?? And all the hype from the different gamesites and magazines ?? New graphics (yeah if you got it running without crashes and errors before the patch on HD little ns but not groundbreaking)...the revival of the ego shooter (not really nothing seen before kinda a next gen fall out nothing more nothing less to me) ... the story (not satisfying enough and dissapointing in the end). I really liked ID before and bought several games but this time they did a poor job and switching to consoles prior to pc and only porting it afterwards very poor disapointing job. Feeled like another DUKE NUKEM first hyped and then disapointing till the end .... the games industrie have to do better ....

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