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My New Youtube Channel: Video Game Jerks
posted 3/8/2014 12:22:40 AM

First and foremost, if this is not allowed, then please delete and disregard everything.

Anyway I'll make this quick since the first post I made was super long and something glitched and I lost everything.

I have a new "Let's Play" Youtube type channel called Video Game Jerks. Basically we play video games while podcasting over them. There's lots of swearing so watch out. If you don't like "Let's Play" type videos (like me) then you probably shouldn't bother.

I will be uploading actual sketches and a jackass meets video game type series in the future.


If this doesn't interest you, that's cool too. I don't like marketing or promoting my material because I usually hate it. But if this is something that interests you then check it out, and if you just so happen to sort of like it, then subscribe.

If I were to recommend a series to check out first, it's our Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze series. It's a little better than the others.

This will be the only time I will promote my channel, if you want links to our facebook and twitter page, I guess you can ask in the comments, but I'm not even expecting 1 view to come out of this.

Yes I'm super optimistic.

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Oh hai
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