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The damn global economy is collapsing
posted 3/1/2009 7:06:56 AM

This economic system , this diseased economical system that has turned on against each other when we try to do business has some strong and weak sides.

Well the strong side is that it promotes competition among different producers of different kinds of products. So, we all have something to gain from this.
But that's about it. Criticize me as long as you want but that is the cruel truth.

The minus of this...system,is that it allows a few people to control a lot more than anyone else. It's a system that is revolving around banks and a system that is willing to sacrifice the good of the many for their own.
I'm not in any kind affected by this economic crisis. Well... I am, but not in the way so many more millions are... but I just have to say, it's crazy. Any two bit rich idiot with 2 billion dollars/euro to spare and a laptop+internet can make a currency to go up or down by enough to make other investors panic and start betting against that currency, amplifying the effect ten times.

Well, as I said you can criticize me as long as you want but I just think this whole global economic crisis is a made-up thing, destroying the lives of millions of people just for the good of a few that want to eliminate some players off the market.

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