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My most awaited games of 2oo8
posted 9/8/2008 12:06:48 PM

Although this year is slowly coming to an end the most awaited game for me this year is still to come. Yes, as a proud PC user I'm waiting to finally get my hands on GTA IV - 18th of November is the lucky date, till then I've had the pleasure of viewing gameplay videos Link.

The other fantastic addition to the game world will be Fallout 3 which will be released sooner - 28th of October. Gameplay videos Link are quite impressive to say the least, railroad gun and the teddy bear shooter are just small part of the fun game.

Speaking of fun, saw my friend playing Spore the other day, looks fun and tried it myself a bit, but I'm up for bigger things

And finally, the game that's coming out the same day that Fallout 3 and which I'm eager to get my hands on is the sequel of legendary C&C Red Alert 2, yeah, that's right - Red Alert 3! Although from the game videos and trailers Link I have seen so far my expectations are not the highest, cause it seems a bit extra-uber-tuned up to be a 3D game, nevertheless I will not let it pass me by, cause the game movies alone are the ones worth mentioning.
I guess it's not a coincidence that my birthday is around winter, cause the best games are finally be out up to that time


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