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finalfantesy crystyle cronicals ds co-op
posted 6/17/2008 1:57:36 PM

well me and my freind ben have being working and been doing are best on multiplayer co-op on crystle croniocals (final fantisy) for ds and we are doing ok wer just at the water lair again but in the past witch is very far in the game sum time we get rlly mad and fink this is hard. now we are just leveling and getitng money im at a amount of 57,820gold and ben is at 53,450. we bouth found the easyiest boss the fire volcanolevel boss just before the shadowland the easyiest but we found out the best way to do the fish in the water lair (not in past) is to use a ranger and any other race(can be anything), what you should do is dodge his attaks 4 abit when he isw close and not attaking double jump onto his horn and stamp on his crystle horn whitch is his week spot and when he isnt attaking and is far away shoot him with arrows or use thunder magnite then do the same and let your freinds also attak with what other race he is. if you are with a freind bring a full infrontry or every magnite and potions you will need them if you are on your own you wont need rivies. most boss's drop some good items like achient scorpian eye that is worth 500gold so that is a start on your journey in money wise then youe got achient scale you can get like 5 off them off the fish in the warter lair off one kill and there 500gold each its rare to get 5 drops of one kill i got that 4 times after killing it 75 times lol that took me a day and got me from level 32 to 43 i was happy lol. now we move onto the shadow lair well bring two sets of armer like dragon harness n stuff thats the gold dragon armer helmant and harnnes it looks ace and bring the best sord you have then a set of anti-fire armer you will need it bring lots of helth orbs and revives then use them to bring out the invisible monsters and also lost of the monsters use fire spells thats why you need anti-fire it does help i did it in ne try using it n wityhout it took me 5 trys and you shud be able to do it use that armer. more reports coming soon by boble61 the ing shizzle dog


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