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Gaming On Diego Garcia
posted 5/25/2008 11:01:50 AM

Gaming on DG sucks in lots of ways.
1. There is not such thing as online gameplay: Diego Garcia has only a very limited amount of bandwidth because our provider has a monopoly on the island. I mean lets look at this. Our island is a navy base with navy phone lines and fiber. Yet Cable and Wireless gets to use this resource without paying one red cent. Then they charge us astronomical rates. I can't go to anyone else because they are the only game in town. I have to pay $US160 for a 256K line with a 12 Gb download limit, and even then it is not as advertised as I sometimes get download speeds not much faster than dial-up.

2. Organizing a LAN party sometimes sucks. Ok there is no LAN. I wish there was it would be great but alas no LAN. Can't game over the DSL as god forbid the leeches put up a game server.

More to come...

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Having failed to conquer myself I am hopeing for an aliance.
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