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1337 sp34k1ng
posted 6/25/2008 10:45:35 AM

3110 4ll y0u n00bs 0ut th3r3 1 w0uld l1k3 t0 1nf0rm y0u th4t 0nly 1337 p30pl3 m4y sp34k l1k3 th15. sp34k1ng l1k3 th15 m4y l00k h4rd but 1f y0u 4r3 1337, l1k3 m3 1t 1s v3ry, v3ry 34zy t0 sp34k l1k3 th15. n0w y0u m4y b3 45king h0w i g0t s000 1337 4nd wh4t-n0t, w3ll 1'll t3ll y0u. but l1st3n up 45 1 w1ll 0nly r3p34t th15 0nc3. 1n 0rd3r to g3t 1337 y0u must d3str0y 4ll 0f th3 c1ty 0f n3w h4mp5hir3 w1th my cl3v3rly tr41n3d g3rb1l5 fr0m s0uth 4m3r1c4 5nd th3n st34l 4ll of n3w h4mp5shir3'5 l1ly p4ds s0 th4t 0ur U.5.4 m4y K33p th3 gr34t furry b15on t04d 4l1v3!!!!

th4nk y0u f0r th4t r34d1ng, h4v3 a n1c3 d4y!


I need a double cheeseburger and hold the lettuce
Don't be frontin' son no seeds on a bun
We be up in this drive thru
Order for two
I gots a craving for a number nine like my shoe
We need some chicken up in here
In this dizzle
For rizzle my nizzle
Extra salt on the frizzle
Dr. Pepper my brother
Another for your mother
Double double super size
And don't forget the FRIES...
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