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Just bought a New Graphics Card.
posted 5/18/2008 5:54:35 PM

Hi Again,

Well give you a little history about my PC's, I bought an Alienware machine with sli'ed nVidia GTX8800 cards, that is my main machine and it rocks.

I also have a machine I built and decided to upgrade the graphics card to a Crossfire configuration, so I decided to buy 2 ATI Radeon 3780's by MSI these suckers run hard for ATI and for bang for buck you can't beat it at $200AUD each.

The Specs on the card are as follows - 512Mb DDR4 Ram, Dual DVI, Crossfire enabled, HDMI, HDCA, Overclockable out the box, HDTV ready. I have overclocked them both with Assassin's Creed DX10.1 Retail and man I have compared it against the Alienware box with regards to FPS and I have gained a 20% improvement, of course I have also tried it against Quake Wars ET and the nVidias walk all over the Ati's.

But for bang fo buck these cards rock either as a Crossfire configuration or as a single card.


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