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Magic The Gathering
posted 7/17/2014 6:28:10 AM

Just bought Magic 2015.

It got a little bit of COD , every year a new Edition but thats OK.

Because instead of changing the game, they try to keep it like it is. To keep the spirit of a game is very important if you ask me.
Well, that they don't change anything is wrong, it's more like updating the original Version.For example you get a new campaign, new cards/decks, new functions (now you can finally build your completly own deck ). Yea I know that sounds like that what the most game company's do today but instead that you need to pay everytime again 60 bucks and more you just need to pay about the half and you get bonus content for preordering, owning older versions and so on.

But back to the game.
I had not much time to test it yet but that what I saw looked good.
A new tutorial, a new campaign, new functions and a new design which looks much more modern but keeps part of the old

My tip? If you like Magic, it's a must have
If you never played it before, check out Steam for a Demo of the game


The nonsense I give of me isn't worth the be read or to be taken seriously

But thanks for reading this, you'll get a cookie (as soons as I found out how to add smileys & co here)

Ah and:
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