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Mafia 2
posted 11/21/2010 2:10:42 PM

Been testing mafia 2 now for about 2 days. Great game if you ask me. Not the best of graphics or handling but its good old game. brings back memories of Mafia (1). Stuck on a mission now, cuz of some stupid bug, so gotta look into that this next week.

Pretty darn happy about my new gaming computer too.
AMD Pnenon II x6 3,2 GHz core
Gigbyte top model HK
ATI 5870 Graphic card 2Gb Ram (wanted to go x2 but too expencive, add that later. xP )
40GB system SSD HDD
2x2Tb HDD
1 old 500Gb HDD
Corsair Dominater 16000 GHz 8GB RAM
WIN 7 64bit Pro (ran ultimate but bugged)

So im kinda happy with it... runs evrything SMOOOOOTH on MAX.


Im norwegian and PROUD of it
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