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F.E.A.R 2 Project Origin Review
posted 2/14/2009 3:47:20 PM

There has not been many ďscaryĒ games out there that I have played. There arenít many out there that I want to play, I am just not one for scary things. I have played Alone In The Dark & Dead Space, so you can see how much I donít like scary games. So it already says quite abit about the game since I am playing it. Just remember I take my fear of fear into account with this review.

So I bought the game on Steam, as I do with most of the games that I can get on there. I am a very big fan of Steam. So the first issue with the game was actually Steam and not the game itself. Itís the issue I have with all games on Steam. They take all day (eastern time) to release it, so by the time itís released I donít have time to play it. Second, most of the games on Steam come out after retail stores have it ready to sell, thatís a downer. Anyways, besides that it installed just fine and opened up quite fast, didnít need to install anything extra. So letís get into the game, shall we.

For all those 360 Controller fans out there, as far as I can tell there is no support for it. I donít really care since this game is a true PC FPS game which I love to use the Mouse and Keyboard with. Controls and settings seem to be dead on without customization. I believe it even had my resolution correct on first attempt. I made sure I maxed out all the settings on 1680x1050 for this review. And it ran amazingly. I didnít notice any lag or slow downs throughout the whole game. Very nice.

There are many things I like about the gameplay, the slow-mo gunplay, the type of weapons, the way the weapons feel when using them, and the AI. I know many of these things were in the first game, but I never played the first game, so I donít know if they are new or improved at all. You will have to figure that out on your own. Anyways, I found the AI pretty decent, nothing specail but they arenít stupid at least, compared to some games these days. When your kicking butt in slow motion with your auto submachion gun, it just feels really awesome. You almost canít get enough of it.

Now as I said I maxed out all the graphic settings and running it at 1680x1050, and the game ran amazing. It also looks amazing. I donít know how much of an improvement the graphics are compared to the first game, but according to many fans itís quite the update. I wouldnít say its an amazing feeling like I got the first time I played Crysis or Bioshock, but itís up to par with todays graphics. As well as graphics I found the sound to be pretty, well, creepy. They play the right type of sounds at the right time to scare the crap out of ya. And when itís not scary music, itís rock or something like that. I really enjoyed the music, its basically what I would of put in a game if I was creating it. Though people can debate that one depending on preferance. Visuals and sound are for sure 9/10 both.

Now as I said I never played the first one but as fans are stating, and I am also in agreement, this game is quite easy. I beat the game in 5 hours, and I believe the average so far on easy and medium is 4 hours. According to most poeple, and I agree, there really isnít that much harm. There are really only 2 maybe 3 hard parts, and well they arenít that hard. Even finding which way you need to go is simple and layed out for you, but I like it that way, I am a wuse J. The other cool thing that came with the game was achievements. The game has built in achievements, which is alright, of course it would of been better if they were GFWL ones, but oh well. I havenít gotten too many of those, most of them come from online multiplayer matches, and beating the game on different difficulties.

Anyways, overall I really enjoyed the game. I didnít have any real complaints about it besides it being easy and short, and I really only say that in favor of most people, I enjoy short and easy games lol. Overall its a 8/10 game. You should for sure pick this up and play.
I will update it later with Multiplayer details, if I feel like it.


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