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Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath
posted 3/26/2008 1:24:31 AM

Hi everybody! I am here to explain the whole new game to you all. Beware of spoilers in this. Who don't wanna know anything about storyline of Kane's Wrath, please do not read this!!!

In all chapters, you are LEGION. Kane say that CABAL is no more, but you are constructed on his remains.
Well, the story begins when Kane himself enters bunker where you hide from GDI shortly after the Firestorm. He will instruct you to destroy GDI presence in Rio, where you two hide. GDI have four radio stations and four official's buildings in this area. You should take over the radios and destroy those buildings in the name of Kane.
Over time, you will discover enemy NOD presence in this area, and you are forced to fight them and defeat them. They will join your cause later.

Now, it's time to face brother Marcion, murderer of Anton Slavik, former leader of Black Hand. Marcion took over the Black Hand and accused Kane from being maniac. You have to get steath technologies back and defeat that scum. Kane himself will face him and bring him back to line.
With Black Hand back, you are available to defeat GDI and show other NOD followers, that you have returned with Kane behind you.
In second act Alexa Kovacs distrust LEGION because CABAL's cyborgs murdered her family. Later, she will try to destroy LEGION with virus and then she shoot herself to head.

In third act, you will "ressurect" and Kane will offer you army of cyborgs. They are called Marked of Kane. Once you wake them up from long-time coma, they will assist you in recovering the Tacitus hidden in GDI base. It is pretty easy mission, and it is last one in campaign. When you recover Tacitus, Kane will put it into your systems and you will see the galaxy and Milky Way.

It is time to strike back!


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