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posted 10/1/2009 6:42:16 PM

I've totally forgotten this website. Been awhile since I last logged on.

Been kinda ticked because the moment i can get it, they delete it. What is it? PIZZADOX TRAINER! Yah so now I've got no load of save position stuff. Damn it. My gaming is been shorten, because I've been playing with Pokemon games for the past week, but everytime I make something awesome, the whole thing goes, well, KABLAMO! S, I've been doing all sorts of stuff these days. Oh, got my Amazon copy of RC, and boy, do I need to shut myself up. It was a pretty good deal, and it wasn't damaged or anything. I don't know why, I called amazon fail back then, maybe because I wasn't as smart as I am now.

So I've been wondering, what happen to meh PIZZADOX? Can someone please tell me what happen? Thanks!

Oh, and golden hawk is totally over with. I'm trying out a new website thingy builder, buy I'm not done yet...


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