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Changing my lifestyle
posted 10/18/2013 8:04:58 AM

I never wrote a blog before in my whole entire life (that is 26 years), but here I wanted to post my lifestyle being changed.
Don't know why, maybe because I just wanted atleast one blog or maybe I just wanted to share what I have accomplished and what I am about to do now.

I have been working at the marines for about 8 years, working with the marines was a great experience and I am sure I am gonna miss the work and my buddies.
At this point of my life I have a beautifull daughter and a great wife, but having them and working with the marines (being gone for aprox eight months a year in war-areas each year) didn't realy fit together.
So I left the army, followed a course to be a bouncer in the normal civilication and finally found a company wanted to hire me and do their dirty work.

This way I still got my action, I am home every night to be with my wife and daughter and I still have my action I so long to.

I guess this is a win, win, win, win and win situation.
And even more winning for me, as I have more time to play games and use trainers


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