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Overlord was pretty good
posted 9/28/2014 9:02:31 PM

I just finished the 1st overlord, it was actually pretty good all things considered. With all the games that had come out since then I'm surprised I haven't seem more copy this type of gameplay. In fact the only other I know of like this myself is Pickman.


The only think I can't get over is how it ends, I'm talking about after the Raising Hell DLC stuff (never seen the ending without it). So I get that your companion is pregnant but now you, the main character is stuck in "hell" and in command of all the wraiths. What happens if you don't have this DLC? How does Overlord 2 fit into this? Does it only match up after finishing the DLC is or is inconsistent cause of the DLC ending?

Since I bought the complete package on Steam, I guess I'll just need to play the 2nd one now to find out the rest of the story. I still think that overall it's a good game regardless of it's flaws.

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