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New yea blog
posted 12/31/2013 6:56:36 PM

Yea. Like yea that's a cool title for a blog.

I like my own jokes.

Oh hey there reader, how's it going?

I bet you are wondering who's voice is narrating this blog for you... or if you weren't you probably are right now.

If you chose an awesome narrator, then this will sound so much cooler in your mind.

As a young man of 25 I decided to spend my new years working at work from 12am to 6:30am for time + 0.5 wages so missed all the celebrations and hubbub that surrounds this time of year and instead got to work side by side, with an awesome new girl at work who surprisingly actually does do work (the amount of lazy pricks we get is too damn high) and is a bit of a chatterbox which suits my quiet personality just fine.

Jeez random rain storm in the middle of my blog, time to close the window above my computer I guess... done

Anyway, as the blog progressed you realised Shibby had spent way too much time playing The Stanley Parable, or if you hadn't realised this then the narrator had just given away this plot twist anyway.

Shibby decided to tell everyone reading his blog that The Stanley Parable, especially if you work/worked in an office job, is exceptionally well done and bends the fabric of video gaming into a whole new and hilarious experience.

Shibby then deicded to post a link to his favourite song and video clip at this particular point in time: Link

Shibby didn't really know why he did this but he hoped the feedback would be positive, if any.

Suddenly Shibby was floating. Ok he wasn't floating but he did have too many Jim Beam and Cola's which achieves the same astronomical effect on such a poor vessel for pleasure as the human body.

And then Shibby stepped out into the rain storm and was a free man.

The End.


To err is human, to arr is pirate.

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