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Unreal Tournament III
posted 11/23/2007 5:03:29 PM

I love games that don't require me to think. Shooters, and especially Unreal Tournament , provide me with this comfort. It's not like I don't play games like Rainbow Six or S.W.A.T, I do, I play them on the easiest possible mode available. What I want to do is run into a room and blow everyone and everything to bits.

Needless to say, the Unreal Tournament series satisfies my simple needs. I thoroughly enjoyed playing part three's predecessors, including their singleplayer campaigns. I like fastpaced, lowlevel action that goes boom. I was definitely looking forward to playing Unreal Tournament III. So what do I do? I place my preorder. The game arrives on launch day and first chance I get I proceed to install it. Installation can take some time on my rig, God knows why cause it's an amazing computer, so I spend my time watching Grey's Anatomy and Ugly Betty. That's an installation that takes one and a half hours, so it definitely got my hopes up.

Here I am now, several hours later, it's 2am on the dot and I haven't been able to get past the third mission, let alone play online. Every attempt I make is thwarted by this rotten piece of pig liver. Bug here, bug there, it's worse than Gears of War.

On a more positive note, I have spent more time reading The Tempest today than I have rebooting my computer because of these errors. I finally managed to finish the book.



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