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Something is afoot with the Admins.
posted 8/28/2011 12:32:34 PM

I recently tried to get a Supreme Commander Trainer working, which i did, but in the process made me come to a crazy conclusion. Apparently the administrators (and one of the founders) suggested that i disable AND uninstall my Anti-Virus and any other protection software from my computer. And i was like....WHAT?! Are they thinking I am stupid or something. I mean...really? Come on! I would rather deal with annoying, immature and unintelligent trolls then ever do such a stupid thing as to uninstall ALL protection from my PC. And when i tried to respond to one of the founders posts....the whole entire thread was removed and erased from the Cheat Happens website. When this happened a instant red flag was thrown up in my head. I think that there is something else going on. I have been on many forums through out my long technology lifetime (which has been a long time) and I have NEVER been told or suggested that i should uninstall all protection from my PC JUST to get another program of application to work. NEVER EVER! I am rather concerned that something is afoot with in the Cheat Happens administration. Though i do not know what it is. Like i said i have NEVER been told on ANY other website OR forum to get rid of all of my Computer protection. That is just saying to the to the hackers "HEY! Someone please give me a virus and hack my computer.". That is what removing any possible computer protection says to me. So if you are even told to remove you computers protection(s)...then ether say NO or tell that person that they are out of their mind.

Please people, speak up if you think this matter should be addressed. And take my advise: DON'T EVER remove you computers protection. Because if you do, then you could just say goodbye to your PC and you important data.

Also, here the link to the forum thread that i tried posting on:

Take notice that it no longer exists.

Again Speak up people! It will make a difference!


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