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How's life?
posted 6/19/2011 1:36:12 PM

So, this is my third blog post after quite a while and in hope it will get more attention and will be more mature then my previous.

Any way I wanted to talk about life. Life are a weird thing, you can sometimes hear someone who say:
"Man life sucks!"
and then in the next corner another person who will say:
"Life are heaven!".
Well I can't quite decide myself about that and I can tell you why:
I usually start my morning at 06:20 at the morning barely waking up, I go to the shower, shaving, dressing up and then go to "work" (it is with the "" because I don't really work for money but I do get payed and that's all I can say of that topic at the moment)
I'm working as a programer by the way. Any way I'm getting to "work" and then start my day saying hi to every one I work with and sit by the computer starting to do what I need to do...
The job is great and gives me some real knowledge but some times it can be so frustrating that I can't take it anymore, I just want to die. (too harsh sorry :\)
But when I think hard enough I can see moments of this life that makes me so happy that I think I'm in heaven! like:
Games, Cheating in games using CH trainers, Girls, Boys (not really...), Doing it for the first time :X (Not really as well. I'm still a virgin. O_O (Any girl want to volunteer? :P))
So basically life are good, or bad, or both? ahhh... life really a weird thing.

So that's was my case for this blog entry hope it will interest your minds. (and body )
And remember:
"When you think
Think Hard
Think Deep"
This slogan is copyrighted© by Bonzay0. (Nahh just kidding but please don't steal it from me)

Bonzay0 out!


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