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HDD disappeared. Mystery
posted 7/7/2011 3:50:54 AM

Dont know if anyone has had something like this happened. Or can share their experience if they had.

Just a few nights ago i was playing witcher 2 and for some reason my comp decided to kick me back to windows and on the task bar it said windows failed to write or save file i cant totally recall what exactly it said, however i was forced to reboot my comp.

And when i did i was brought to cmos or some bios that said my Partitioned HDD failed to register or some sort..

I pretty much assumed that my HDD had died and i havent backup that thing for months...

So for the last few days i suffered not having my d: n e: until today... i booted the comp as usual and now i have all the drives i did initially.

I cant figure out what the hell happened, im glad that my hdd is back. So im here thinking if my HDD didnt die then what the hell... did it go on strike or went on a friggin last minute holiday.

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