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...It's been this long?
posted 11/14/2010 12:13:56 PM

Wow, I'm an Elder already. I feel kinda old now

Time flies by fast when I look back at it in hindsight. But it feels so slow as I live it out day-by-day. Sometimes, I just don't know what to do; I have so much time on my hands. But other times, I'm rushing to produce the most presentable product I can within maddeningly tight deadlines. All the while juggling the rest of my life, various hobbies, and my own self-education.

My father considers his childhood and teenage years to be the best part of his life thus far. I think I'm going to hate adulthood. Even so, I look forward to the challenge, perhaps not for the reward, but at least for the journey. It's like playing an epic role-playing game; the gradual turning of pages in a masterpiece novel, the book of my life.

I'm still stuck in the rising action, but I'm already drafting my climax, my falling action, and my eventual resolution and epilogue. I don't know how it'll turn out in reality; I'm not even sure what I want my story to become, it's still a draft after all. I'm writing my life story but I'm not sure what I want it to be about. There's so many ideas I want to pursue, but I don't know if I have the time or dedication to finish them all. Whatever I do, I'm hoping I'll be able to look back and be proud of it. Perhaps that's one of my goals in life. I like to think of that goal as being a bit too abstract or even somewhat quixotic though I'll think of what I want to do with my life someday...


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