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Rebel Galaxy, a remarkably fun game!
posted 10/25/2015 7:07:16 AM

Been immersed recently in Rebel Galaxy, though the game lacks the ability to move up and down, it makes up for it in the following ways.

1- The Music is perfect, every time I go into space combat in EVE or STO or any other space game; Star Citizen, Elite, etc. I always have to patch into Pandora and set some rock and roll or techno. This is the first space game I never touch Pandora in, the music is perfect for the combat and for the moment.

2- The variation of ships for a game at this price point makes me wonder why its not more expensive. To me this game's value would have to be set at 39.99 or 49.99. I have seen games at a 60 dollar price point that has less content and less hours of gameplay than this. Everything from frigates to Dreadnoughts are in the game with unique and epic designs to be found in each one.

3- The Story for me is actually interesting, without making any spoilers, I am very interested to see whats next. While doing these missions it reminds me of firefly pulling into a space station and checking the mission board for any missions I can make a few credits on. Get some munitions or better weapons.

4- The graphics are quite good, the explosions are beautiful the weapon designs are stunning. Coming from someone who is an avid player for Star Citizen, to say I'm actually quite pleased with the graphics of this game speaks a lot for itself.

5- Some may not see this as a plus, but you cant just get carried away in combat, not paying attention to your shields, not using your deflector shield and rotating your ship can lead to some frustrating moments when you see your ship explode from damage. I got so into the combat that I didn't realize my ship was taking critical damage and suddenly... BOOOOOM SPOOOSH BAWWW.

Only negative I see for this game is the lack of 3 dimensional movement. However I have played games that don't have a jump function and they are amazing. The guys who developed this game did an astounding job making it, and it is a must have in anyone's game library that even remotely likes space ships.
my rating is a 9.5/10


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