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A Christmas Poem
posted 12/30/2009 2:11:50 AM

Darkish rose from his bed one wintery dawn
He bid sleep farewell, and then it was gone
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse
Paintball wasn't a sport (in darkish's house)

He walked through the streets
Wearing his patented cleats
He sold every ounce
Of his patented meats
He walked through CHU aisle
and straight to CHU port
By the way
Paintball isn't a sport

Airhead came by, yelling a song
Darkish turned away, his ears felt all wrong
The song made him bleed, the song made him hurt
Also, paintball isn't a spurt

Latios came by, and he was pretty short
Don't do it, said Darkish
Don't you dare make that rhyme
I've seen what you've done, it's a dastardly crime
Paintball is awesome, how could you oppose?
Hyper looked at Darkish calmly
And considered his retort
But Darkish, spoke Hyper
Paintball isn't a sport

Darkish went back to his house
And concocted a plan
He'd get rid of Hyper, he'd thwart-
DARKISH!, Hyper interrupted
Paintball isn't a sport!

Darkish yelled and he coughed
He sniveled and snorted
He had to make sure that paintball was sported

So he consulted the pros, the best of the best
He put them all through the ultimate test
They all played paintball, with 5 players on each team
And as Darkish woke up, he was sure of one thing
The entire day was just one big dream!

And Darkish got up, with high self esteem
Paintball is a sport!, he yelled, and went through his regime
He sold all the meat, every last sort
By the way, Hyper whispered
Paintball isn't a sport


So I suppose I could talk about today

Taxi came early, honked the horn at 5:20am, woke a lot of people and made them angry
Then it was work as normal, it wasn't too bad
tomorrow I gotta cover Nicole's shift though since I'm a nice guy, too bad I was looking forward to having three days off
My bus was 25 minutes late, and add that to the 45 minutes I already wait for it in the first place, plus I have to stand the whole time since theres no seat, and yea i was ****ed off.
and yea, now I'm tired, and just chilling

boring aye?
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