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Hey ch community
posted 7/1/2011 7:05:19 AM

Good old blysas has had an idea. What if he could buy every steam game on the summer sale and complete the challanges and win the prizes...

Back to reality though it's not as simple as getting every game on steam just like that but what I intend to do is get as many steam games as I am able. Still there are other things that have been gonig through my mind.

Gaming like crazy for all these ahcivements has been a bit of hard work but saying that I have had a friend who ahs been helping me through this and it makes it easier but still we must get allt he achivements.

Ask yourself why would blysas go for all of these?
Well the truth is that I really love challanges and I now have the funds avaliable to go for this. Saying that though it does put a little hit in the wallet.

There is one thing that has been helping me along though which is my freinds in the HM core. ( It's a clan for the mount and musket mod) They have been giving me loads of help with gifting games for me and it does help.

Well enough of then, onto other things. I have been in hospital for a week and I have been diagniosed with something called Diverticulitis. In laymens terms it's to do with getting your pores which are in you lower intestine blocked and that causes massive pain :,( . The pores are supposed to take in all the nutrients but whenthey get blocked is causes damage to the walls and if untreated can cause rupture to the colon. Thankfully I got treatment and after a heavy course of antiboitics I am fine.

There is a clost to this though, I have to eat high fibre and loads of fruit :P. On top of that I have to keep away from bad foods like coca cola and other stuff and before you ask I still eat them but it's now in moderation.

One thing this has taught me though is that I can use this to make a fresh start and estinally this is what I am gonig to do so I am gonig to be losing weight, get a new job, make some money, study for uni and have a more postive outlook. So world I :P to you.

Also please can you subcribe to my blog so I can get freinds. Trust me I need it :S

Next time on hypern's blog: Love and why hypern can't find gf because he is :P

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