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Go Raiders
posted 12/10/2007 7:00:56 AM

i support the plymouth raiders the basketball team in plymouth (Well DUH) and have done for just over a year now. yesterday (9/12/2007) they beat London Capital 83-60 at home and it was a cracker of a game and i even had a go at the free throw shoot out at half time, which i had wanted to do for ages. last april the raiders defeated The Newcastle Eagles away in the BBL Trophy Final and the score was Plymouth 74 And Newcastle 65. Another great game with the now ex plymouth raiders player Carlton Aaron Chosen as the MVP or Most Valuable Player after scoring the most points in the game as well as a fair number of rebounds (25 Points and 12 Rebounds.)

The raiders are currently 3rd in the bbl top league and are within 2 points of the leaders Newcastle Eagles and have kept London Capital out of the playoff places. at the moment 27/3/2008 they are placed 2nd in the table at 8 points behind newcastle eagles.

the bbl trophy final was hosted at the pavillions and even though the raiders weren't playing it was a very enjoyable game. the newcastle eagles lost to the underdogs guildford heat the final score being newcastle eagles-79
guildford heat-86. the heat won for the first time ever so well done guildford heat.

so the new seasom is about to start and as well as a lot of the old players we have a new player called Patrick Fitzpatrick which is a great choice for the raiders management. This season, judging by last season the raiders should finish in the playoff area i hope they do.see you soon mkeywood

me again, so the raiders are 4th in the league but to make it better they are in the final of the BBL cup, Go raiders, birmingham suck. seriously though Good luck Birmingham may the best team (raiders) Win (losers) no seriously may the best team win. blimey i just realise it is my blog's 1st birthday, happy birthday raiders blog.


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