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EA 's and her Tricks, what do cheaters think???
posted 11/25/2009 12:33:30 PM

PEOPLE READ PLEASE and save money!!
AS A GAMER: EA is a very good studio but its true that they produce open games that are easy to upgrade with expansions and DLC's severel times
simple example: the SIMS : if your real sims fan than you have more than 25 cases with cd's of dvd's.

and now pulls EA games this to other new games even interfere on daughter company Bioware who's creations are almost perfect the last 2 years
Ok EA is Bioware's big safe, but its the feeling and game experiece of Bioware that is better and the DLC's of EA for Dragon Age game, what i have read, I won't even think to buy

only accept the DLC's and Expansions of THE game WRITTEN company, they Know ther game,they really made it, in this fact EA don't know about Dragon Age and Bioware nothing about the DLC's of EA !!
so there is NO SUPPORT of Bioware if ther is a problem with the DLC of GAME COMBO an EA CAN'T HELP!!!!!!

think about this before you buy


This was as post on 1 of the Dragon Age game topic's
But believe that when i say that i spend more money on EA because of min 1 expansion of 20 euro's
and they even think that they can sell then for 30 in the first weeks, even my friends of E-plaza Gamestore who are real gamers finds it

what do you other gamers see !! tell us all and let EA hear


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