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So many games, not enough money!
posted 10/4/2015 12:22:03 PM

Usually I can save up money for Steam's Summer Sale and buy the bulk of my games during that time, which means when Steam's Winter (Christmas) Sale comes around I don't have to buy anything because I had my fill 6 months earlier so then I can save for the next Summer Sale.

However...With the release dates of some excellent games coming before the sales, it has become difficult to save money for the Steam Sales seasons.

See, it all started with the Summer Sale of Pillars of Eternity which was priced well enough to purchase the high-end version. Okay so far so good, I had enough to to wait for Heroes of Might & Magic 7 to come out and wait for Sword Coast Legends and wait for Fallout 4. Well, not so fast...The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt went on sale out of no where and it was well priced to get everything including the season pass. Because of that, HMM 7 was put on the back burner but I was able to get the sale pre-order price for Sword Coast Legends, BUT that put Fallout 4 into question AND it put Grand Ages: Medieval off my wish list because I ran out of money.

Looking back, I think I still prefer to have games spread out like this instead of all available (or first coming out) during the Sale Seasons because Sale Seasons can drain my bank account but then recover between sales; however I end up having to wait to play a game a few Sale Seasons later which means by the time I play it people have moved on from it. At least with games spread out, I can stay relevant for multiplayer gaming though I need to do a better job budgeting now.


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