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Steam is not one of my favorite things
posted 8/26/2009 10:54:26 AM

To begin with I didnot want Steam. I bought Total War 2 without having any idea it used the Steam loader in order to launch the game. I should have said Steam Launcher but what the heck, the thing that matters is you have no choice but to use it, and register with these pin heads, otherwise the game won't load onto your computer. I did this. I didn't want to but I did and got off to a fairly good start with the tea kettles at Steam.

Then I changed internet providers and couldn't find where to go in order to modify my registration, etc, So I said well since this is a new internet provider I'll start a new account as I have done on other services such as this. But that didn't work. When I attempted to launch the game I was told it was registered to a different Steam account, (My old account,) and the only way I would be able to get the game to work again was to send a photcopy of the registration number in color to get things straightened out so I could play the game again.

I for one donot care for this. I think it unfair that I go to WalMart and pay $50.00 for a game and because I made one mistake, I have to go to all this added trouble in order to be able to play my own game again. Just who do these cry baby computer companies think they are anyway? They're so afraid someone will steal some of their stuff, most of which is a bunch of crap to start with, they probably wet their pants at least three times a day and their moms probably have to tuck them in at night. I'm sure people with their brains and way of thinking couldn't be married. No decent woman would have them. Besides they wouldn't know what to do if she did.

I think we the customers should complain like hell until we can bring about some changes in this mess. I have long been a fan of the WarHammer 40,000 games but since they're using steam now as a load launcer, they can kiss my ass goodbye and so could steam if I could get rid of them without losing the ability to play some of my games. I am disgusted to the gills, I detest this nonesense and I don't care who knows it. Steam sucks and War Hammer 2 isn't far behind them. If enough people complain maybe we can get things back more the way they were and games will be enjoyable again.


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