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Note to would be critics
posted 7/28/2009 7:34:37 AM

Note to would be critics: We writers play and write what we have experienced in the game, so we may have our own tactics and approach to various situations. That means you may have your own style of playing the game. Walkthroughs are not meant to dictate your entire gameplay but to provide insights that may help you devise your own tactics or give your directions.

That said, it would be unfair to lambast our work just because you think that your style is better or superior than ours. If you have something to say, email it to us authors; not badmouth us in forums. Our walkthroughs may not be as “great” as some of the guides from certain sites but that doesn't change the fact that you, “critics”, can't dedicate hours of labor to play and write walkthroughs as we do. If you have time to criticize somebody's work from being incomplete or for having “inferior” tactics, then why don't you write your own walkthroughs and prove that you're better?

We don't have problems if you guys cite something missing or incorrect about the walkthroughs we write; it even gives us the opportunity to improve our work. What we can't accept however are those who love to reproach other's people's work mindlessly, without consideration.


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