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Magic the Gathering!
posted 4/15/2015 4:27:08 PM

Hey guys, I've noticed that there aren't very many spots on this site to talk about Magic the Gathering. I love this site and I love Magic, so I want to try to combine them. What I'm planning on doing is coming up with a new topic to blog about at least once a week, possibly more. I'm hoping that these blogs will help spark discussions about Magic on the greatest site that I have ever had the pleasure to be a part of. So if you can help me out by letting me know what type of topics would would like to see, I would greatly appreciate it. Would you like to see Deck Techs? Would you like discussions on controversial rule changes? New card previews? Tournament Reviews? Product reviews? I am down to talk about almost anything, just let me know what you want to read! I will try to get the first one up on Friday this week, but please give me any and all input that you have so I can make them as interesting as possible, and hopefully spark some deep discussions on many topics. I look forward to getting your guys' input, and I really hope that this is a success. Feel free to comment or just PM me anytime, I will respond as quickly as I can to everything.

Good Gaming and Merry Magic-ing!


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