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NDS game series
posted 2/10/2011 7:11:38 PM

I dunno if anyone will actually read this, but I'm currently enjoying two very good series of games: Bokujyou Monogatari(Harvest Moon/Rune Factory) series & the Inazuma Eleven series. There are quite a few already out there, but these seem to be quite easy to just pick up and play.

The Inazuma Eleven series is similar to Pocket Monsters series where you "collect" players either via a scout system or via a direct challenge to gain them to your team. Similar to what Captain Tsubasa(characters all have 'special moves' they are able to perform) was to the NES/SNES system. Currently there are 6 total games(and two demos). Inazuma Eleven 1; 2 Fire & 2 Blizzard; 3 Spark, 3 Bomber & 3 Ogre(most recent one). Similar to the Pokemon series, each has special edition characters only available in that series.

Rune Factory/Bokujyou Monogatari I suppose would be something similar to those farm games on facebook+Zelda-ish action game. It's very easy to pickup and lots to play around with. There is also a simple storyline, as well as romantic meters to see who you will marry and have a kid with(for the 2nd gen character you will often use). Originally I was looking for a game in which you could enjoy fishing, farming, & mining(similar to like in WoW or Final Fantasy Online or Ultima Online was, and this game pretty much will handle your fix(of course the graphics aren't HD or state of the art, so don't expect it ).

Anyways, if you haven't tried this series yet, please do give it a try. I believe I read Inazuma Eleven will be released in EU sometime soon, boards I read were commenting on the names being localized though with this kind of reaction >


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