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posted 12/12/2010 7:36:08 AM

One day in a city in japan, lived a boy called leon. he really loves adventures. he has read many books about brave adventurers. many years have passed since his birth and he's an adult now. about 20 years old. he flew on a helicopter and parachuted down in a forest. he suddenly got attacked by wild beasts and he has lost all his belongings including his shirt. he had to survive in the wilderness and get back to civilization. he prepared all his defenses. he found a sharp stick and he made it as a weapon. he then went hunting for food. he found a lion. he was scared because the lion went towards him. the lion turned out to like him and accompanied him as his guardian. the lion talked to him and said his wife and him were the only Barbary Lion couple left. the villagers had taken their family and they want revenge. he thought that leon would know how to get revenge on the villagers. the lion gathered the whole forest and planned an attack with leon. they soon went to sleep and struck at night. it was a long journey and they finally made it to the village. they then went on an all out war and kill the sleeping villagers. some of them had escaped. he now is treated as king of the jungle next to the lion. every animal respects him. he gathered all the animals that are at threat of extinction and he keeps them safe in his forest. he created a barrier around it so no living thing can get to the forest alive. all the animals call him "jungleman".

sorry if the story wasn't so good. will update asap

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had my mouth open the whole song.. just wow, i could see everything he described in this one song. dont open if you have a weak heart
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