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New Policy
posted 10/22/2013 5:38:39 PM

Hello everyone!
First of all I would like to thank CH for the great work they have been doing. I have been with CH for more than 5 years and in 2012 I bought 3 years of subscription to show my support for your hard work. I enjoyed all your trainers and rarely had any issues with them. The new policy on having to buy life time membership for certain trainers though is something I could not agree on. In my opinion its not worth it and there are already few reputable free trainer makers out there. Therefore I won't be renewing my sub after 2015. I will continue to be a part of your community and enjoy the free stuff you put out though. If one day you change the life time membership policy for certain trainers I will surely buy the regular subscription.

Thank you and good luck CH.

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Regular gamer. I play RTS, 1st and 3rd person games as well as other action based games. Not a fan of racing though.
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