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Game Over, the price of life.
posted 1/8/2014 9:29:22 AM

Yep, dear friends,

Not a good time to me?

Last year my father died.
Yesterday one of my best friends died too... early (at 48).

Everybobody lost somebody. The rules of life; the price of life; all of us have to pay this debt early or later.

But, the life goes walking...

Everything in life has a good side and a bad side (no exceptions). We choose which side we keep more vivid.

Why should I only regret their absence?
They'll live forever while in my heart and in my mind.
I chose not regret it. I chose to celebrate every day I had the privilege to live with them.

Being happy is a choice (yes, it is).
We're what we want or what we let ourselves be.

Well, today, not yesteday, not tomorrow, is good time!

I chose to be happy.

Keep walking in the Yellow Brick Road? Your choice.

Best Wishes, mates!

P.S. Sorry about my bad English (is not easy to try to translate feelings and thoughts using a language that I don't know like the mine. I hope I haven't offended anyone or said something that sounds stupid).


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