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Persona 5 Dev
posted 9/7/2011 12:02:47 AM

Ive been waiting since Persona 4's release my countless hours of playing, to hear is Atlus would be making Persona 5. There were some talk about it and a couple months i heard there was planning of the game to be made. But after a month or 2 after that i saw that there was problems in which people had left the project mainly the original programers and etc. It had put a hole in allot of fan of the series hearts. My whole time playing each game as soon as it's released non-stop thing non-stop is going to end. So i took up minecraft which has consumed most of my time but don't fill the void. But now Ive heard last month that development is happening and Atlus is pickup up to start again. Holy crap is my first reaction and my anticipation is really killing myself. Besides asking if it's going to be on either PS3 or XBOX360 which it should only stay on PS3 btw. I try to look for any hope of applying for some position in Atlus. Sadly 3 months ago they were looking for someone in HR department and i didn't see it. Well that's it for now.


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