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About: Silent Frontline (FO3, Project)
posted 4/26/2011 7:35:30 AM

Background Info

Not long after the Zeta Ship was destroyed, another unmanned vessel came to Earth. Unfortunately, the ship was in a terrible state of disrepair.

A Cryogenically aged general and a small group of Army Special Forces team, found the location of a teleporter that linked to a newly discovered ship. They knew right away that it was an incredible find and began building a new camp to protect the teleporter. They used an old bunker that they knew of nearby. It had been long forgotten, making it an ideal place to hide a secret this valuable.

The underground portions of the bunker would need to be expanded to become their new Base. They would still need to maintain a camp site above this Bunker for more protection from the Raiders and super mutants.

With so few men in their group, they would have to get some outside help if they were ever going to rebuild the ship and get the base operational. In light of the new discoveries they made, and the new advantages they would soon provide, they decided to change their name. From now on they would be known as Silent Frontline.

It wasn’t long before people started noticing the base over the area. Brotherhood of Steel agents & Enclave agents were sent to investigate. The Brotherhood of Steel requested that a preliminary meeting was in order. When the BoS spoke with the General about his history and whereabouts, they agreed an alliance was and order, they planned or reforming the United States, and its military system. The two agreed to allow the Enclave in on the treaty as well; the enclave refused such offer, saying that they were what was left of the United States. Immediately a war broke out among the new BoS-Silent Frontline Alliance.

Because of the BoS alliance, SF had the funding they needed to repair the Space Ship and to add more items to their Bunker Base. The BS-SF main concern is eliminating the enclave, restoring government and repairing what’s left of the unnamed vessel.


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