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Life among me
posted 8/5/2008 2:27:35 AM

My life is in video games.
I work, I eat, I sleep, I play games. Thats about it. The occasional ride around town. Dinner and the movies with the girl. Sad thing is while doing other activities I still day dream of games. kinda pathetic i know, but its what I do. Video games have almost litteraly become as big a part of my life as eating and sleeping, i really dont remember what a goods night sleep is like. I am averaging about 3-4 hrs of sleep every night. cant sleep when you are still playing the game in your mind. My relationship has been shakey, but she has become the only person that can distract me from my addiction. I truly call it an addiction, sad when you get withdrawl symptoms from video games. its kinda when you know its time to slow down. Spend time with friends, loved ones, family, bf/gf, anything to still know you are still connected to this world. thats what my time on FFXI has shown me. It is a game where you wanna keep going and reach your setout goal. Everything in that game take forever though, it gets rediculous sometimes. SE sure knows how to make a difficult game, and how to take up your time. Nice though i got my girl on it, nice to PL someone you love.

Just to summerize things, dont be like me, alot of time and oppurtunities have been wasted due to my extensive time spent playing games. Dont get me wrong, play games, but remember RL first, always.
i must end here or ill keep ranting on how much of my life has been wasted. but ill still play on, and probably alot, but i have slowed down and i want to keep a steady pace or slow down more.

RL= real life. for the noobs =]
SE= squareenix
PL= power level. when i high lvl mage cures a lower lvl person, so they can fight harder monsters=more exp, lvling quicker


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