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posted 10/8/2010 9:13:09 AM

Here I am. With a new PC and sad because my DVD won't work anymore. Apparently my new PC is too MUCH PC for my MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries game. ::chuckles::

I'm not very good at it, but I have a blast anyway. One thing folks need to understand is that even with the trainer, I get my butt whomped big time; however, I'm laughing all the way because I'm having FUN. Which is the entire point. Right?

I also DLed the free version from MekTek. Yet, without use of the trainer, I can't get past ONE campaign on Halloran V. Yes, I'm that bad. Still, I don't mind as I'm having fun. Frustrated fun, true, but fun. And I do love BattleMechs. ::chuckles::

Being on disability limits what I can spend, so I rely heavily on freeware and freebies. To me, those are separate. ::shrugs::

MW4: Mercenaries is the only game I have at the moment. I'm still trying to "convince" my sons that the Halo games would be nice birthday and Christmas presents.

I dabble in writing, crocheting, knitting, reading, 3D art, and walking when my arthritis and the weather allows.


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