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New Wheels! :D
posted 8/27/2010 1:39:14 PM

So! As with the last blog you may well know I was bidding on a cool little blue wheelchair to help me get around a bit quicker, since people looking over their shoulder and sighing at your slow speed when you're stuck on crutches is quite humilliating and extremely depressing.

I've actually won the auction, and today I went to go and pick it up! After an hour of screaming at the satnav for taking 60 minutes for a 15 minute drive, I finally arrived, picked it up and came home again.

After that I grabbed my good old socket set and some ratchetting spanners and set to work customising everything on the chair down to the last detail and spend a good two hours on it, having rearranged everything from wheel position to ride height, all the way down to severity of the brakes and the clothing protector positions.

It's a really funky metallic blue colour for the most part, the rest is just black and I already have a few bits and pieces for it (a backpack style bag thing for on the back, large clip on cup/mug holder thing, and a leg cozy, which is essentially half a sleeping bag that's lined and waterproof, so I don't get a wet ass in the rain).

After having messed about with the settings and getting everything set up how I want it, it's suprisingly comfortable! All the one's I've used before have been very firm, hard and give you a numb ass after half an hour, but this one I can see myself being comfortable in all day, which is awesome!

Just a couple more bits and pieces I'm after for it next time I have some spare money and it'll be perfect


Girl gamers are the future boys, deal with it. :)

My first featured guide :) ---->

So this is the bit where I talk about me huh?

I love to game, gaming's been my life since I was a kid and it still is, and I'm hoping it's my future too (explained shortly). So yeah, not sure what to say really.... >_>

I'm 23, on crutches and soon(ish) to be permanently in a chair (currently only using it when not at home), so I spend a lot of my time at my computer since I don't get about very well anymore. As my username suggests I'm a pyro performer, I do fire poi and firebreathing and stuff.

Waiting on result from my application to University to do Games Design (graphical side) which will be awesome and give me a full on epic job that I know I'm going to love (for the salary if nothing else) which i can do regardless of being handicapped. But enough about my crippleness. XD
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