Grand Theft Auto 3  User Review for PC
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Grand Theft Auto 3 Cheats


Grand Theft Auto 3  for PC Grand Theft Auto 3  for PC Grand Theft Auto 3  for PC
Grand Theft Auto 3  for PC Grand Theft Auto 3  for PC Grand Theft Auto 3  for PC
Grand Theft Auto 3  for PC Grand Theft Auto 3  for PC Grand Theft Auto 3  for PC
  Reviewer: CyberPlanet
  Posted: Oct 02, 2013
  Views: 746
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  Grand theft auto 3 is an exiting game with a lot more fun and mission, submisions etc..... the story is like.....
Mob bosses need favors, crooked cops need help, the street gangs want you dead; so to compensate you'll have to rob, steal, and kill in order to stay alive, while using your resources to track down the woman who betrayed you and earn your rightful revenge.
The game takes place in the wonderfully corrupt world of Liberty City, armpit of America. You take on the role of a criminal who was recently framed by your girlfriend during a bank heist. Luckily, your transportation to prison doesn't go as smoothly as the authorities would prefer, and you wind up freed from your chains with only 8-ball, a demolitions expert, to give you some hope. He hooks you up with a local mob bigwig named Luigi, giving you a chance to make some bread, earn some respect, and eventually track down the bitch who turned traitor in the first place. You can go anywhere and do anything. Though the game comes with Exiting 73 missions, you can play the game for hours without ever attempting one. Instead, you can fill your time by carjacking vehicles and running amuck. Hop into a cab and you can toggle mini-game missions where you pick up and drop off passengers in Crazy Taxi fashion for money. Nab an ambulance and save the injured ones. Grab a firetruck and put out blazes to earn some quick cash. Or if you have guts enough, you can even grab a cop car and run some very hard vigilante missions where you catch other crooks as like you.It also sounds terrific. Grand Theft Auto 3 features 9 preset radio stations that you can listen to while you drive.
The combination of on-foot and in-car action is unrivaled - this is the game Driver 2 was supposed to be. The car physics change for the different vehicles (and there are TONS of cars), but control remains tight and responsive the whole way through. It's a seamless transition from foot to car; simply stop a car by walking in front of it and jack the poor sod driving it.

But Grand Theft Auto 3 provides you with more ways to travel than Marvin K. Mooney. You can hop a train at the various train stations, at which point the camera cuts to a cool cinematic view of you riding through the massive city. You can eventually take the scary subway as well, though you better be packing heat. Very nice.

People complained about the top-down cheapo graphics in past Grand Theft Auto games. Well, rejoice as this version is in full 3D glory. Played from a third-person angle, things look much better than the past, though occasional clipping errors and weird character models stand out from time to time. Considering the enormity of the programming, however (there are millions of people in the city, as well as tons of moving vehicles), it's really not a big deal. The damage modeling on the cars is great and the framerate is rock solid. The game looks fine.
Though being so exiting this game doesn't overtakes the GTA newer versions (GTA 5)

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