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PayDay 2 Cheats


PC   .  ALSO ON: PS3X360
PayDay 2 Cheats
  Reviewer: XWolf
  Posted: Aug 19, 2013
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  Payday 2 is generally fun, and if you're a fan of fast paced games you'll enjoy it.
There are a number of mechanics to the game that are both great and agitating.
The first being that while in singleplayer the AI team is actually pretty good about
using cover and shooting, running to your aid if you're downed, they don't do anything else.
First, you have to realize you're left a man short, as in co-op you can play with a room of 4,
while SP you get a total of 3. In addition, you can call your ai teammates to your assistance,
but they won't be able to carry or interact. So if a drill gets stuck, or you have 5+ bags of
something like drugs or gold, you're royally screwed. If you don't mind doing lower-end difficulty
missions by yourself, singleplayer is ok.

Multiplayer is the heart of this game, since the majority of missions require a lot of coordination
and multiple hands working at once. Since the game does have a tactical piece to it (even though if you're
good enough you can get through with a good run-and-gun attitude) it's a bit silly they didn't take the time
to code a bit more help into the game for the AI.

The game's overall mechanics are a lot of fun. You really can't stealth clear through a mission, but you can
make the job of the police really hard, and make sure it takes them a while to get to you in the first place, which is nice if you prefer that silent action kind of game. Being able to cuff civilians, disable alarms (even if it is finicky at times,) set trip mines and turrets etc. all bring a unique way to each mission. While you will find there are "better" ways to do certain things, there's many ways to actually complete a mission since the missions change all the time. You might not notice it the first couple of times, but pickup, items, escape all tend to change locations, so don't plan too much on one particular way out.

The game also has a large list of primary and secondary weapons all with a large amount of customization,
that although can tweak your weapon to be more efficient, or just plain look better are also very expensive and must be unlocked via cards after missions before you can even have the option to buy them, which can be very annoying if you have the cash and are coming up on a new weapon. I've gone through whole sets of weapons without getting the mods I wanted and had to leave them behind just to advance my weapon in terms of stats. The different skill and special items can be a lot of fun on a map, whether a strategy you have with your buddies, or just to cause havoc for the coppers, there's something for every play style. If you want to have that team buff you can be a mastermind, but if you prefer to be that support guy with a good drill go the way of the techhie. You can also mix and match any time you feel the need so you can change your loadout before missions.

The graphics are fairly nice, nothing crytek/unreal or frostbite engines could show off, but good for the current gen. Weapon sights and shots are smooth, giving you good control of the weapons and your shots; and the hits on enemies are satisfying enough when you see an enemy stumble, lose a helmet, or plain fall over and have to get their bearings. The atmosphere with SFX and [semi-repetitive] music along with bystanders floating around is very lifelike.

While SP overall, and the need to unlock weapon mods for every weapon is very annoying (as you find yourself unlocking new weapons faster than you do mods) the game itself is pretty well made; although it does need a bit of polish, played MP the game is a lot of fun. You're bound to enjoy the weapons and player customization, and Overkill promised to allow customization to the safehouse with the off-shore account, which should bring even more interest into the game. (Hopefully it's not your spending cash you have to use.)
I genuinely enjoy the game in MP and have loads of fun running between shooting through windows and fixing drills trying to make it out with a bag of cash. The game needs a bit of polish and could use some tweaking, but an overall fun experience.

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