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Call of Duty: Ghosts Cheats


Call of Duty: Ghosts Cheats
  Reviewer: Demoneyes45
  Posted: Nov 07, 2013
  Views: 1230
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  Well, finally I have got something a little more modern to write a review on. Batman is still being played through, so we'll save that for another time. For now though, let's take a look at COD:Ghosts.

I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I have always been a fan of Infinity Ward's COD games rather than Treyarch when they came into the picture. Granted, I've only bought their Black Ops I game, but wasn't too impressed with it, so was pretty glad I hadn't bothered with BO:II or their earlier games.
However, when the lads who were the big names in the original COD Infinity team decided to call it quits after Activision told them of plans to release a Call of Duty every year, I began to become slightly worried at what way the franchise might turn. For example, before Activision amalgamated with the Blizzard Team, I was an avid WoW player, but soon came to see WoW being made to please children, and the pretty regular "buy ingame items with real money" - so WoW has not been touched for a fairly long time now. This was exactly the thing that was stressing me over the release of the new game...

So we all saw the TV adverts, controlling your own K-9 to take down enemies, an exclusive underwater level, and stealth through jungles. Yes all these components were new and exciting. Never had a mission in the past tried to keep you from killing, or being able to fight off enemies underwater without cinematics. All of these things made my opinion of what Ghosts "could be" very high.

So, we'll get into the review now, and don't worry, as usual, there's not one spoiler :)

Story Summary (No Spoilers)

Ghosts is set some time in the future after Southern America sparks up a war against the USA, turning the once great superpower into a former husk of itself. The game takes you and your team from novice soldiers in the beginning right through to hardened veterans.


The gameplay has managed to stick pretty much in line with how COD:MW I-III panned out, with occasional in-game cinematics requiring the player to press the odd key in time to survive. There aren't really any new game mechanics in comparison to previous games. But there is one major difference; the time it takes from beginning to end. I am pretty glad I bought the game for multiplayer, as single player took little over four hours to complete; and that was on Veteran difficulty. This would be the first major disappointment. The other games have often taken a good bit longer to complete, with some fun Steam achievements to unlock; but Ghosts just doesn't seem to fall in suit with the other titles doing this. Many achievements are simple and easy to get, often completed in general play without having prior knowledge of their requirements. The AI tends to crowd the room with insurmountable odds allowing the player just to spray and pray rather effectively.

As for the story itself, let's just say, it's rather Americanised in terms of being more like a film than the tactical games we were used to with Infinity Ward's old team. I don't think there was one surprise whatsoever in the story, so let's keep our fingers crossed if there is to ever be a sequel, that they'll improve on this.


As is standard with most new games, the graphics are extremely impressive, and seem to have been focused on a hell of a lot more than the gameplay or story. The game ran very smoothly, with only two graphical glitches noticed. One, which many have complained about is the Jungle mission, where waterfalls meet rivers it looks like static from the Television. The second is more of a graphical bug, where the play enters a room only to become stuck inside a cargo box, which requires a knife-lunge to escape. The Underwater mission allowed the graphics to really shine however; extremely impressive stuff.


If you're buying this game, ensure it's for the Multiplayer and not for the Single Player campaign. Ghosts may be vastly superior in graphics to the other Modern Warfare titles, but that's exactly where it ends. This game could have been so much; but it seems Activision have gone in favour of making shiny graphics instead of a nicely rounded storyline and engaging characters.



The game would have probably only hit 3/10 if I was basing the single player campaign as my scoring, however, multiplayer drags this game out of the mud; but only just.

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