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Metro: Last Light Cheats


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Metro: Last Light  for PC Metro: Last Light  for PC Metro: Last Light  for PC
Metro: Last Light  for PC Metro: Last Light  for PC Metro: Last Light  for PC
Metro: Last Light  for PC Metro: Last Light  for PC Metro: Last Light  for PC
  Reviewer: ServiusTheBear
  Posted: May 19, 2013
  Views: 1101
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  I pondered on if I should do one of this game but. I feel like I should. So here it is.

Story: Basically the story of the game continues after the last one. But the story go's with you launching the missiles on the dark ones. Now some might not be to happy with that since it did not follow on from there choices. But I believe this to be a good thing for the story/plot of this game.

Now its a year after the incident and Artyom (you). Are now with a group called the order. You have been given a mission to capture/kill what appears to be the last of the Dark ones. You head out with a woman called Anna who is Colonel Miller's sarcastic daughter and the Rangers' best sniper.

Artyom (you) soon succeeds in finding the Dark One, who turns out to be a mere child, but soon after that two of them are captured by Nazi Reich. A Communist Red Line soldier called Pavel. Helps you escape the Reich, and soon you and Pavel befriend each other after spending considerable time fighting across the Metro tunnels and the wasted surface together. However when the two of you reach a Red Line settlement. It turns out you are betrayed by Pavel who is revealed to be a high-ranking officer of the Red Line. In your attempts of escaping captivity. Artyom learns of a plan by the Red Line's head of military intelligence, General Korbut, to capture D6 and take control of the entire Metro. Korbut is assisted by Pavel as well as Lesnitsky, a traitorous Ranger who escaped to the Red Line with samples of a bioweapon stolen from D6. Here is where you start your hunt over the Metro. I certainly enjoyed it. So I will leave it there so you can find out the rest on your own.

Game Play: What can I say. The setting is in the darkness of the metro and on the wasted surface to. Sneaking through the dark to bypass enemies or outright killing them like a looney on speed. Those who know me I always prefer the second. Now there is some points which was rather frustrating where you can not use your night vision goggles or your torch. So you have to use thats right one of two things. Your bullet lighter and use the direction of the wind or the night vision scope.... Which somehow works? When your goggles do not. Don't ask me that had me going ok...??

But with that it leads me to the weapons There is many weapons to choose from. You are allowed to carry three at a time. They have upgrades for them. Even though they are genuinely the same. For each gun, maybe leaving a few out. That did not bother me since I felt that suited the game. Ok the AI. I read on another review just to see what some others have said and I have to admit the mutants kinda do just run at you in a straight line. Humans seem to have a better AI. Although its still easily overcomeable if you're an evil bear like me. But that did not stop my enjoyment of the game.

Up top. Some good area's worked into this game. Giving you the feel of an open world but sadly not a true open world game. But do not let it discourage you. It is still a fun game to play with its moments of EEK hide. There is a hidden moral system but! I am not going to tell you about it as I feel this is a good part of the game. Not like in Mass Effect where its in your face. Even though I still like that game to. But enough of that.

Controls: Usual keyboard and mouse features easy to use and all there is the controller option there. But who in their right mind would want to use a controller for this game.

The Graphics: Now from what I have seen on my play through the graphics look sweet and crisp. Just like the smooth skin of a babies bottom. The mutants look scary just as they should the environment looks good. This does it nicely for game even though you are in darkness a lot.

Music: What can I say. I loved listening to it in the first game and I love listening to it in this game. It just has that feel to me that it suits the game nicely.

Bugs and Glitches: Now I did read that some folk were having issues with the graphic's and fsp. Now I never come across this issue since I never max everything out. So I can only go by what people say. So looks like another game that seems to be directed toward nvidia has problems again with AMD/ATI cards. Always expectable. But since I never really had any issues i can't let it interrupt my count.

Replay Value: Well I have to say there is a replay value in this game for sure. With the hidden moral system. I am intrigued if I can get the other ended to the game. Which I left out of the review till now on purpose!

Overall: Story is good certainly kept me entertained, Gameplay just as enjoyable from the first. Controls easy to use. Graphics another good one in my books. Music perfect for the game. Glitches am not going to say there is none. But for me I never came across any. Replay values is certainly there and I will be replaying this one for sure. So my overall score for this 2nd installment and hopefully not the last is. Nine paws out of ten.

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