Brutal Legend  User Review for PC
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Brutal Legend Cheats


PC   .  ALSO ON: PS3X360
Brutal Legend  for PC Brutal Legend  for PC Brutal Legend  for PC
Brutal Legend  for PC Brutal Legend  for PC Brutal Legend  for PC
Brutal Legend  for PC Brutal Legend  for PC Brutal Legend  for PC
  Reviewer: ShotGaming
  Posted: Mar 05, 2013
  Views: 974
  Avg. Score: (1 review)
  Brutal Legend is a Double Fine masterpiece that speaks to the very core of who I am. I love Dio and riding tigers and a little town called Kickapoo. This game hits every note right with me. The full motion video intro that has Jack Black flipping through a forbidden album loving. The amazing open world that looks like it drove right off the front of a classic rock album cover, and the wonderful characters, story and humor of a game that completely understands what metal is. You play the role of Riggs, a burnt out roadie working for some knobs who think they know what metal is, after a tragic accident he finds himself in the land of metal and finally knows what he must do, help somebody else be a hero. Eventually Riggs finds out he plays a much more important role in this world than lugging around equipment for the band and slowly evolves into a leader of the people.

Using all of his roadie skills he builds an army and you find out the game isnít all about beating people with guitars, sometimes you tell other people to do that stuff for you while you protect resources. You can remain in the fight, beating up enemies with your cool moves and ordering new troops and telling them what to do, but you will need to employ some light RTS elements. The mash up of action and RTS works well, but other things donít. I found widely changing levels of difficulty, like the level protecting the tour bus that nearly drove me insane. Battles are sometimes lost without much reason and you will find yourself playing them over and over. It is tedious to do the guitar hero style commands each time you want to summon your car and getting around the map can take awhile with no quick travel. The PC port is pretty choppy too, I kept getting pauses and stuttering while playing.

This game isnít for everyone, it was also poorly marketed as a pure action game, but man, it has so much heart and style and if you love the music and doublefine, that makes it an instant purchase. You can cruise around in the open world, running over animals, raising tributes, looking at cool stuff and each mission has amazing cutscenes are that worth watching on their own. The core RTS light gameplay is really well done and fun. They cram so much love and humor into this title itís worth playing it for the giddy thrill of seeing metal both honored and mocked at the same time. Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go make a deal with the fire god and try to finish this game.

Cheat Happens Trainer allows you to have unlimited health, guitar and fire tributes, making playing the game easier if you just want to see the cutscenes. You will still fail some things, mainly anytime you have to protect somebody else, which happens a few times, so get ready for that.

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