Last of Us, The  User Review for Playstation 3
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The Last of Us Cheats


Last of Us, The Cheats
  Reviewer: Bobman98674
  Posted: Jun 15, 2013
  Views: 810
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  So a quick heads up to you all this is my first review so may not be the best. Now since thats outa the way lets begin. P.S This review is strictly solo/campaign only not including multiplayer.
-Roughly 15 hours on a normal difficulty run with no hints and without looking anything up.

Quick overview
The Last of Us
-PS3 exclusive
-3rd person
-Slight horror (depending on how easily scared you are and how well you get into the enviroment)
-Linear game
-Offers New game+

Overall rating 9.5/10
Pros(+) & Cons (-)
+Great story building throughout game
+Amazing Cutscenes
+Great stealth system
+Excellent characters
+Virtually almost no loading screens in campaign
+Slow (in a good way. Hard to explain)
+Overall Combat System
+Amazing atmosphere
+Keeps you guessing/Keeps you on the edge of your seat
(Both a con & Pro) Cover system
-Swimming system sucks (only con I have found in campaign)


The game features a level up system for both you character and weaponry along with a crafting system. But before you assume anything let me point out its not a traditions level up system. For your character you will find survival enhancing pills around the environment, You can increase you Maximum Health, reduce your gun sway when aiming, increase the rate at which you patch yourself up with the medkits, increase how fast you can craft items, and also you may increase the distance at which your super hearing works(more on what that is later incase you don't know). You may increase any of those stats where ever you may be or whatever you may be doing. Next the crafting system, this feature allows you to craft items such as medkits, shivs, molotav cocktails, nail bombs, smoke grenades, and also allows you to add a modification to your melee weapon that last for a certain amount of hits. For each of the craftables you may only hold 3 of each and the resources need to craft these items you may only hold 3 of each resource at a time, though you may craft any of those items including the enhancement to your melee weapon where ever you may be and whenever you can access you backpack(which is usually all the time). The resources needed to craft the items are found throughout the game in closets, desk drawers, cabinets, on shelves, practically you name it you can prob find it somewhere around there in the game, though resources are more common in some areas then others there still a rare find. Now the gun upgrading part, To upgrade your guns you need to acquire custom parts also places through out the areas of the game. You can upgrade almost all guns clip capacity, reload speed, and firing rate, though with some guns you are able to upgrade there power, range, add armor piercing, draw speed(bow exclusively). Also from the same menu and using the same parts you may increase you holster to allow you to have one more small arms and one more large arms to your quick select screen(which is indefinitely useful to every mean possible trust me). The game does feature a New Game+ as I stated above but you may only play new game+ on the difficulties you have already beaten which means you may not play new game+ on hard difficulty if you have only beaten normal difficulty. Now for the games game play itself. For the game there is a crosshair for your weapons which for all weapons except for the bow and shotgun are circles. For the shotguns its the same as uncharted 3's crosshair for there shotguns, and for the bow its a line showing you were the arrow will hit depending on how far back you have it pulled how much power you put into the bow and also the distance the target with hit. As for the grenades its a typical 3rd person view of were the grenade will hit showing the arc and everything. There is a stealth system works were you have to crouch to stay quite or walk really slow while standing but that also makes you more visible to other enemies you may not have seen. There are bottles in bricks in the game that you can throw as a distraction to an enemy to either flank and kill them all or go around them and avoid the whole encounter anyways. The bricks and bottle may also be thrown at a enemy to stun them for a sec or two so you can attack them and either get a clear hit with a gun or to get close and personal or to just run away and hide while you heal up or rethink your strategy. The may also be used as an onetime melee weapon attack at which afterwards breaks. There are 5 main/semi main characters in the game. Joel, Ellie, Tommy, Sara, Tess. You will play as a total of 3 of those characters throughout the game. That is all for my review section. If you guys have any further question feel free to PM me. Thanks

Personal thoughts during the game(Not essential to review but handy and nice)

My thoughts on the game both during before and after were completely different. Before I was more concerned about the story and how supplied I will be to kill the zombies and bandits. During the game I was way or focused on hitting the next cutscene to learn more about the story to see what happened or hitting the next side conversation during the game between the characters to learn more about the character personally not so much the overall story, I found that element a nice touch. Don't get me wrong though during some parts during the game I was focused on trying to figure out how I might dispatch of the next group of enemies depending on my supplies and also possible resources I might find in the area, and when I say I actually worried and put my supply count into my discussion that's saying that supplies are scarce especially ammo during some parts of the game and salvage for medkits and so on. After the game all I wanted to do was play it again and again and so I have, Hope you guys have enjoyed my review. Have a good rest of your day.

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