Euro Truck Simulator 2  User Review for PC
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Euro Truck Simulator 2 Cheats


Euro Truck Simulator 2  for PC Euro Truck Simulator 2  for PC Euro Truck Simulator 2  for PC
Euro Truck Simulator 2  for PC Euro Truck Simulator 2  for PC Euro Truck Simulator 2  for PC
Euro Truck Simulator 2  for PC Euro Truck Simulator 2  for PC Euro Truck Simulator 2  for PC
  Reviewer: Evanscense
  Posted: Dec 07, 2012
  Views: 2229
  Avg. Score: (1 review)
  Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a truck simulation game created by SCS Software, using OpenGL. It is the sequel to Euro Truck Simulator, with a redone physics and game engine. The player can drive across a significant part of Europe.

Player should pick up a variety of cargoes, and delivering them to the desired destination.
The game features 8 different trucks, includes: DAF, Volvo, Man, Scania, Renault, M. Benz and Iveco. 4 of them are licensed already. Plus I should mention DAF used to be known as DAV and licensed via 1.2.5 patch.

You can start your game in one of the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. You will be asked to select your desired city in one of them. Your garage will be located there. So the journey will be begin. In the beginning, you wont have enough money and experience to buy a truck, so you will start with quick deliveries. You also can get loans. You can open your own company, hiring drivers from all over the map. What you need is to have enough money to afford their trucks purchase and a free slot in a garage. You can buy a garage in every city you tend, Then you should upgrade it.
The gameplay is so sweet and handy. Its obvious how the developers have worked on it. and they have done it nicely. Riding trucks seems so realistic with a great system of handling. So after delivering any cargo, you will be given an amount of money and EXP will be gained. EXP is needed to unlock trucks and items. As you gain an amount of EXP, you earn a level as well. You also will be estimated as your level in the game. The system of opening of company makes a motivation for the player. Its almost the goal of the game. AI of the vehicles in ETS 2 is actually OK. its average, but they are making it better with every patch to make the game an awesome experience for the player. Accidents are not so realistic. Plus you wont get any physical damage. After any accident your truck will be damaged, but not physically. actually nothing happens to your truck. Its a defect. The game physic is good and its being improved by every patch.
You wont see any police in the game. But there are traffic lights, speed limit, toll stops and accident penalty. if you violate any mentioned things [except toll], you should pay an specific amount of fine. This systems made without any defect. The driver will become tired, so you should pull over in an specific place to get rest. Gas stations, repair stations, drivers agencies, Truck showplaces and resting stations are available in the game. For buying a truck, you need to visit its shop [which are in its own particular city] or you can use online purchasing. Any truck needs a slot in your garage. The limitation of slots is 5 in per garage. Also drivers you can hire are limited at 116 at the moment. Overall, this part of the game is decent. except some defects like lack of physical damages. Also the map is so much big. thats a fantastic point. so much to explore with a great system of running company that let you enjoy the title for many days.

The graphics are stunning. Lighting system and shadows are awesome. Vegetables, trees and environments made perfectly. Designing of trucks is amazing. Into the cabin has very good details with a perfect designing. But designing cities are kinda average. You also can see humans in the cities. There are also some famous places made in the game. Cargoes have a good variety. Weather system is great. Raining seems so realistic. You can enjoy the darkness of the night, the sunset, the sunrise and the sunlight in the middle of the noon. Also Other vehicles seem average.
This part is one of the most important factors that makes this simulator so special, and puts it as the best truck simulator ever made.

Well, the sound effects part is nothing special. I cant really talk about this. The sound seems so low when you are into the cabin camera. You should switch to another camera mode to hear it better. Its overall made well. There is also online radio streaming. Its decent. Also you can make your customized track list from your own music library.

Well, Ive played so many truck simulators. My favorite one was Hard Truck 2: King of the road. But since that time, No similar title was made to make me satisfied. But I can say good job SCS Software team. this is actually the best truck simulator ever made. Everything has an amazing quality. Fabulous graphic, great handy gameplay and designing. Its one of my favos now. I suggest if you are a truck or driving freak, never miss this title.

Thanks for reading.

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