Crysis 3  User Review for PC
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Crysis 3 Cheats


PC   .  ALSO ON: PS3X360
Crysis 3  for PC Crysis 3  for PC Crysis 3  for PC
Crysis 3  for PC Crysis 3  for PC Crysis 3  for PC
Crysis 3  for PC Crysis 3  for PC Crysis 3  for PC
  Reviewer: ybother123
  Posted: Mar 26, 2013
  Views: 1164
  Avg. Score: (1 review)
  --Crysis 3--
The game that has so much hype, and for good reason.

Pros: This game is rich with diversity in how you go about taking down your enemies. Stealth kill, beat their face in, throwing them off the edges of areas(my favorite), rocket to the face, the new predator bow, and many more. The action is fast-paced and if you crank up the difficulty it is quite the challenge that I will go back to regularly.

It is Crysis so you know that the visuals are not below standards if you can shell out the money for a decent graphics card and processor. This game manages to pull off astounding visuals without a huge penalty to your system though. Thanks to this games engine- the cryengine 3 -you can have intense battle going on with gigantic explosions happening without too much lag.

Cons: Here is where I am going to get flamed. If you were one of the many people that pre-ordered this game to get the extra content for around 80 bucks then you were probably suicidal when just two weeks after the release they go and sell this game with all the pre-order content for $55. I did not pre-order this. After the devastation of Fallout: New Vegas I stopped all pre-ordering of games, and this is another example of why I am glad I quit. This game feels way too short. On the highest difficulty I managed to beat this game in just seven and a half hours in one session. That means that the day I bought this I had it finished which was really disappointing. In the story, I ended up stop listening to the npc's talking because they just start babbling about their personal affairs, and it melds into the explosions which caused me to blank it all out so there was no sense of direction throughout the story. Very disappointing.

On the topic of graphics, it is important to note that you need a graphics card the has DX 11. Your card NEEDS this in order to play the game.

Other Thoughts: I did enjoy this game. If you can get it for about $30 bucks then I think it is worth it. No games to this date are worth sixty in my mind.

Game-play: 7.5/10
Price($60 not including dlc's): 3/10
Re-play Value: 6.75/10
Story-Line: 7/10

My overall(not the average): 8.75/10

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