Sleeping Dogs  User Review for PC
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Sleeping Dogs Cheats


PC   .  ALSO ON: PS3X360
Sleeping Dogs  for PC Sleeping Dogs  for PC Sleeping Dogs  for PC
Sleeping Dogs  for PC Sleeping Dogs  for PC Sleeping Dogs  for PC
Sleeping Dogs  for PC Sleeping Dogs  for PC Sleeping Dogs  for PC
  Reviewer: ServiusTheBear
  Posted: Aug 19, 2013
  Views: 879
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  Story: The story set in Hong Kong you are Wei Shen an undercover police officer. You first start as acting as a drug smuggler who is soon arrested so you could meet up with an old friend called Jackie jail. This is the first step of the undercover mission your boss Thomas Pendrew has asked you to do as he wants the red poles down in Hong Kong. You will also deal with your Handler Raymond Mak and many others. I will leave it at that as I do not wish to give away too much.

Gameplay: Set in an open world. You control Wei Shen a Chinese American police officer as he goes undercover. Sleeping Dogs is played in a third person perspective action adventure game with roleplaying elements. You have the ability to walk, run, jump, climb over obstacles and swim. As well as use weapons and martial arts in combat. You can drive a variety of vehicles including cars, boats, and motorcycles.

The combat system revolves around hand to hand fighting. The cover system allows the player to move between cover, fire blindly, aim freely, and target a specific enemy. Individual body parts can also be targeted. While driving, Wei can get out and jump onto other moving vehicles. This is rather fun to do if you time it right.

Sleeping Dogs features role playing elements with three different experience point values Triad XP, Face XP, and Police XP. Triad XP and Police XP measure Wei's devotion to the triad and police, respectively, while Face XP is a measure of his general reputation. Clothing, accessories and vehicles are available for purchase by Wei, and have an effect on non player characters reactions. Sleeping Dogs tracks acquired skills in areas such as hand to hand combat, which improve through use in the game.

Now driving AI could be better along with speed control while you drive its not quite there but certainly did not stop me playing.

Controls: Controls are easy to use. You can use a game pad or just use the keyboard and mouse. Or switch between both like me. Game pad for driving, Fighting, walking around and keyboard and mouse for shooting.

The Graphics: The graphics do look really good. Some things like the blood at first had me going a bit iffy at it but once deeper into the game I never noticed it. They certainly have done a good job in my books.

Music: The music suits the area of course now the car music shame there was nothing more towards the GTA style's but they still worked. Even when I noticed the Kerrang station I never left that channel.

Bugs and Glitches: Truthfully I never seen any myself that would cause any issues to ruin the gameplay enjoyment.

Replay Value: There is certainly replay value there as there is many dlc data there which includes Nightmare in North Point, Year of the Snake and The Zodiac Tournament (this on can be played in the main story). But I will certainly be playing it again for the dlc and even the main story line to.

Overall: I have to say Sleeping dog's is another good game that is out there in the waters with the likes of GTA and Saints Row. As you can see I certainly enjoyed it and have been impressed. With the replay value it certainly is worth having. So I give this game 9 paws out of 10 as there is some improvement for it to do to hit top mark in my book.

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