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Prototype 2 Cheats


PC   .  ALSO ON: PS3X360
Prototype 2  for PC Prototype 2  for PC Prototype 2  for PC
Prototype 2  for PC Prototype 2  for PC Prototype 2  for PC
Prototype 2  for PC Prototype 2  for PC Prototype 2  for PC
  Reviewer: Demoneyes45
  Posted: Oct 18, 2013
  Views: 721
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  Well, it's been a while since the last review, but then somehow I have managed to survive the guts of 8 months without the use of a computer after my old one made like my pants. So, I was thinking to begin with, we'd be able to do this review with the specs in mind of an older computer that "should have" been able to run the game, and that of a pretty good rig (which unfortunately, my missus is still complaining that money was spent on a computer and not her!).

Anyhow let's have a quick recap of the story before we venture into the specs side of things (No Spoilers, see how kind I am to you lot)


In Prototype I, the protagonist was Mercer, a man who seemingly was caught up in some form of government genetic mutagen testing. He manages to surpass the virus (much like Resident Evil Films with Milla Jovosometing" and becomes a powerful mutant who you would upgrade through the story.

Prototype II takes place sometime after the events of the first, with the new character, whose name I seem to have forgotten after a few whiskies coming in as a soldier to help combat the trouble ensuing the city. His story is one of revenge, believing Mercer is the reason for his Wife and daughter's death. Unwittingly, he becomes infected himself, and as in the first game, you will find yourself upgrading him to become more powerful, seeking his revenge and discovering some untold truths along the way.


Now, the lower specs for this game would make you believe it could be run on any computer. My older (now dead) computer consisted of Win Vista 32-Bit, 3GB RAM (Damn windows 32bit for that), Radeon 4870x2 and a 3.0GHZ Processor.

The game seemed to be running very well to begin with, but within the space of 5 minutes into the game, I began to notice graphical anomalies, such as screen tearing, missing character skins and other general graphical issues. I never managed to get it to run on that computer without consistent crashes and graphics problems. So consider yourselves forewarned that the minimum spec is a bit of a lie.

The new computer however which far surpasses the specs for this game managed to hold things together much better. Yes, as a Ported game, the graphics are a little wound down, but if you're running Windows 64-Bit from Vista onwards, you should be fine and dandy if the rest of your system matches.


The game itself does mirror the original, maybe a little too well. I did notice several of the animations used with your biological weaponry were exactly the same, which was a little bit of a disappointment. The new protagonist does also come across as being very "Brawn, not brains" which may suit some players, but it does not help the storyline too well whenever a story arch seems to be going well. For example, Heller (yes I remember his name now) needs to find a particular person near the start of the game. TO do this, he uses a newly acquired psych sonar. His vision goes red, a pulse sends out and returns. To any of us, this would be a bit freaky, and something we definitely could not understand, yet he immediately realises, and states "I have viral sonar, hell yeah" get where I'm going.

The game itself plays exactly as the original, same controls, same basic sandbox principal. However if what you're looking for in this game is a sandbox similar to Just Cause, then I would advise you not to head near it.

There have been some additional weapon additions to your character, however, the majority of the game, and possibly most of the storyline are basically Prototype I with improved graphics and a different character.


A reasonable game to keep you entertained should you see it on sale somewhere. However, one play-through should see all achievements unlocked, and will only last 12-13 hours even if you do all the side and exploratory missions. If you've played the first, it's interesting to see where Mercer goes next. However, the story is quite bland, and lacks the essence of the first game.

Bottom line, Prototype I - better graphics, linear story.

So that's it in a nutshell, and that's another whiskey-fuelled review with less spelling mistakes than I anticipated. I'll be doing a few more as the weeks roll on, but don't expect any really new games, maybe apart from the Batman Origins, as I managed to get that free with the graphics card I ordered...yes...I'm a smug little bas.....

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